Why Umpire School Headquarters?

At Umpire School Headquarters we aim to be your hub for all your umpire school and training needs. Whether you’re just stating a career in umpiring, or you’re looking to take your career to the next level, our goal is to help you succeed.

Umpires at the local level are always in high demand. Youth sports is a growing industry and is full of employment opportunities – but it’s also a field that is extremely rewarding. In what other job can you get paid to help kids learn to play an American past time?

While becoming an MLB Umpire or an MiLB Umpire is no easy task it is not impossible to achieve – but it’s important to realize that if a professional career in umpiring is your goal that path doesn’t always have to end with the MLB. There are thousands of success, long term, professional umpires in the college ranks and semi-pro leagues. Like any dream, you need dedication and hard work to make it.

Umpiring is an exciting career path, we’re excited to help you get started.

We understand that if you’re interested in becoming an umpire you many not know what steps to take or what is required to get your first job.

In addition, if you’re already a youth umpire you may want to receive additional training to advance your career. Knowing how to move forward, including your options, and where to get trained can be hard to track down. After all, you just want to be an umpire not search for training and organizations to join.

This is why we created Umpire School Headquarters; to guide you to success.


What’s Different About Umpire School HQ?

There is a lot of different information and resources online about how to become an umpire, but we feel most of these websites are not geared toward helping you actually succeeded. Often, we hear from people who don’t even know where to being and are just frustrated.

Our goal is make getting information to you quickly and at your connivance. We want to help you through this process so you can think more about being an umpire, training, and less on what to do to get ahead.