Umpire Pants

When you’re shopping for umpire pants, you want to make sure you get a pair that have an expanded waistband and that are made of polyester so that pants manage moisture well and provide a high level of comfort while you’re on the field. You may also want to consider buying under shorts that can help keep you cool and comfortable and that can also provide an extra layer of protection.

Adams USA Smitty Expanded Waist Pleated Baseball Umpire Combo Pants
Pleated Umpire combo pants by Smitty are made of a high quality polyester material that is shrink and wrinkle resistant and have an expanded waistband. These are great pants come in dark charcoal or lighter heather grey or that relieve great reviews.


Umpire Under Short with Hexpad Thigh Pads
Umpire under shorts designed for protection at the hips, tailbone and thighs providing. The shorts also provide support for large leg muscles. It is lightweight, flexible and breathable.


Umpire/Officials 1 1/2″ Adult Black Leather Belt
1 and 1/2 inch Umpire belt in black. This is a very standard officials belt – what more do you need?

Umpire Masks

When shopping for an umpire mask you want to consider comfort, protection, and price. You can buy cheap umpire face masks that will provide adequate face protection and reasonable comfort but if you’re concerned about protecting you entire head and not just your face, then consider buying an umpire helmet. Umpire helmets look a little like hockey goalie masks and many baseball catchers and umpires now opt for them because of the additional protection and improved visibility. When there is a close play, you don’t have to take off a helmet because the visibility is so great.

Rawlings PWMX Face Mask (Black)
This Rawlings umpire face mask is a great entry level mask. It’s a durable umpire mask with no frills, vinyl coated pads, and a great price point.
Amazon price: $35.70


Wilson Dyna-Lite Umpire and Catcher’s Face Mask
The Wilson Dyna-Lite Umpire’s Face Mask is is a high quality mask with slightly wider ear bars for extra protection. It also comes with soft synthetic padding that make it a ver comfortable mask.
Amazon price: $59.99


Wilson Shock FX 2.0 Steel Cage Umpire’s Helmet
This Wilson umpire helmet provides the ultimate head protection for umpires. It is designed to reduce vibrations caused by impacts and with it’s comfortable leather interior it is a joy to wear. You’ll feel safe with this mask on.
Amazon price: $189.99

Umpire Chest Protectors

Umpire chest protectors are the most important piece of umpire equipment because of the part of the body it protects, including your heart. Experienced umpires will tell you to buy hard shell protectors because of the level of protection they provide. The trade-off is that they are usually harder to move around in. There are comfortable hard shell chest protectors but they will cost you a little more.

Diamond iX3 Deluxe Umpire’s Chest Protector
The Diamond Sports® DCP-IX3 umpire’s chest protector is lightweight and breathes well. Built with a combination of plastic and foam, it will provide you with great protection and reasonable comfort for a reasonable price.


Wilson Pro Gold Umpire’s Chest Protector
A hard plastic umpire chest protector designed for superior protection. Some people complain that is can be a little bulky but that’s a trade-off to consider when deciding on body protection.


Wilson Pro Platinum Umpire Chest Protector
The Wilson® Pro Platinum Chest Protector is a top of the line chest protector. Under the hard shell is a padded fabric backing to keep it very comfortable. It strikes a great balance of protection and comfort but you get what you pay for.


Umpire Shoes

When you are shopping for your umpire shoes, pay attention to whether you’re getting an umpire plate shoe or a base umpire shoe. An umpire plate shoe will cost you a little more but additional toe protection (steel toe and protector) are with their weight in gold. If you’re umpiring older, more experienced leagues, a plate shoe is a must have.

Top Rated Umpire Shoes

New Balance Men’s Baseball Umpire Behind Plate Shoe
The New Balance 460 umpire plate shoe is built for home plate umpires. The shoe has a steel toe and lace flap that work together to protect the foot from foul balls. Soft cushions in the heel and forefoot provide long-lasting comfort.
Amazon price: $117.98 – $129.99


New Balance Men’s Baseball Umpire Mid Baseball Shoe
The New Balance 950 is a low cut turf shoe designed for base umpires. It has great cushioning for an inexpensive shoe.
Amazon price: $79.99


Reebok Men’s Vero IV Low Zig Trainer Baseball Shoe
Reebok’s Men’s Vero IV Low Zig trainer is built with synthetic leather and mesh to help keep your foot cool. This simple umpire shoe is best designed for base umpires and at a lower price point it is a great value.
Amazon price: $60.00 – $113.50

More Umpire Shoes


How to Become an Umpire

What is your goal?

Starting your career as an umpire isn’t difficult and it can be a lot of fun. Below you’ll find information on what to expect and how you can achieve your goal of becoming an umpire.

Expect the work to be physically demanding. You will need to jog often to ensure you position yourself properly to make an accurate call. Basically, you need to be agile enough to keep up with the pace of the game. It’s also important to consider the weather in your area – depending on your location, hot and/or colder temperatures can be a burden on your body. As the player’s get older and the game competition increases the demands on your body will also increase. If you’re new to umpiring you might be best served by umpiring younger age groups first.

Step 1: Attend a Baseball  Association Meeting or Clinic – The easiest way to learn the umpiring landscape in your area is to meet people who are involved in the community. An easy way to find one is to attend a local game and ask the officiating crew which association they belong to. You can also call the athletic departments at local organizations or visit their websites. Many will post information for umpires.

Step  2:  Learn the Rules of the Leagues You Will Umpire In — Once you’ve identified some of the leagues you may want to officiate you need to develop a sound understanding of the rules. Don’t rely on your years as a ball player. Many of the “rules” that circulate in youth leagues are incorrect. Go to the source and do some reading.

Step  3: Join an Organization or Association — After attending a few association meetings you may be ready to join an organization. This will give you a leg up by keeping you plugged into what’s going on in your area and will push you to keep on the umpiring path.

Step  4:  Get in Shape — Before you attend your first clinic you may want to start to get into shape. Start a jogging routine, play some basketball, or better yet join a men’s baseball or softball league. Or, just hit the gym. You don’t want to be ready for first job and it’s good to get into a routine early.

Step 5: Get Trained –  Attend clinics, camps and classes recommended by your association so that you know proper form and mechanics. Being formally trained is what separates amateur umpires to professional officiants. If your goal is to become a college, MiLB or MLB umpire you will need to attend professional umpire school. Click here to learn more about the cost of professional umpire school.

Step 6:Pass Your Tests — Take the tests administered by your sanctioning body (umpire association). The most common affiliations are; Pony, NSA, BPA, and ASA.

Step  7:  Get Your Protective Equipment and UniformPurchase your uniform and the necessary umpire equipment.

  1. Black Umpire Shoes
  2. Black Athletic Socks
  3. Black Umpire Belt
  4. Baseball Umpire Pants and Shorts
  5. Umpire Uniform Shirt (over 10 different colors) - color requirements vary
  6. Umpire Masks / Umpire Helmets
  7. Umpire Shin / Leg Guards
  8. Umpire Chest Protector
  9. Ball Bag
  10. Plate Brush
  11. Balls, Strikes, Out Counter
  12. Referee Watch and Game Timer
  13. Lineup Cards & Pencil
  14. Performance Base Under Gear
  15. 2-Inch Bill Combination Cap