How to Become a High School Umpire

Becoming a high school umpire is a very common goal for aspiring umpires because the games are fast paced and fun because the players in high school baseball are pretty talented athletes. Another big plus is that there is always a need for quality umpires in high school ball because there are a lot of high school baseball programs and teams across the US. Your chances of becoming a successful high school umpire are pretty high.

To get started, you should join your local umpire association. The majority of high school districts will have a specific umpire association you’ll need to join and attend meetings for. You’ll also need to learn the rules established by their governing board. Next, you’ll want to sign up for umpire clinics and training events to help you learn umpire mechanics and best practices. While your local association will host their own training events, and attending their events is recommended, don’t limit yourself to only their events. The more you educate yourself the better you’ll be.

Once you’re a member of your local umpire association, you’ll need to follow any additional steps they have in place to prepare you to umpire live high school games. Because these requirements vary from district to district and state to state, we recommend that you find a seasoned high school umpire who is a member at your association and ask them to be your mentor. Having a mentor who has done this before is the best way to reach your goal. Networking will also help you land umpiring gigs once you are prepared to umpire.

Many leagues will require you to take an umpire test to become certified and pay a registration fee before you get your first umpire job. Your association can provide you with the information you need to study and pass any exam and registration fees are typically in the $50 range.

Lastly, you need to buy the necessary umpire gear.