How to Become a Little League Umpire

Becoming a Little League baseball umpire is an excellent way for people who are passionate about the sport of baseball to give back to their local community and to stay involved in the game they love. Little League baseball is almost as much of an american pastime as the sport itself and helping kids learn the game can be extremely fulfilling.

What you’ll need:

  • Umpire equipment

    • Often provided by the league, so check with your local Little League before you buy anything

  • Umpire uniform (shirt, shoes, hat)

  • Little League rule book

  • Volunteer information and/or form

Start off by attending a local class or training program for umpires. Often local recreation departments provide this or can at least point you in the right direction. Getting a basic education on the rules, signals, and positioning makes all the difference. The Little League organization often hosts a national Little League umpire school that you can attend if you’re able to travel or live nearby.

Get in contact with local Little League regional office. Again, your local recreation department can help with this by giving you the names and contact information of the people you need to reach out to. Another great way to get plugged into your local Little League program is to attend local games and talk directly with current umpires.

You’ll have to complete a volunteer form which you usually can find online. If your local Little League has a website you may find it there along with additional information but your local recreation department should also have it. Prior experience will help impress the powers that be so be sure to include all prior umpiring or baseball and softball playing experience. They like people who are passionate about the sport so show them you are.

When you apply they will ask to complete a background check, like any job. Keep in mind that you are working with children so this topic is especially sensitive. Typically they look for child abuse reports and any domestic violence reports.

Like any other similar or hourly job you may need to lobby for work time at first so making friends with league official and the head of the umpiring schedule will help. Also, knowing other umpires can help. They may be offered a day or time that they can no longer fill and may contact you to help them out. Make sure you have all your equipment ready to go for your first game. Some leagues have enough funding to provide you with the equipment while others will ask you to buy them yourself. Most large sporting goods stores will have what you need if you do need or want to buy your own.

Next, get out there and enjoy the sport of baseball, stay current on Little League’s rule changes and have fun!