How to Become an American Legion Umpire

More than half of current Major League Baseball players at one point participated in American Legion Baseball. It is one of the more traditional and history-rich amateur baseball leagues in America.

The American Legion baseball program is always growing, and participation is easy. The program is always looking for hardworking umpires, coaches, and volunteers. About 5,000 teams compete every season, so there is a lot of opportunity to became an umpire and help in almost every state.

In most cases, local umpire associations provide American Legion departments with umpires for games and tournaments. Umpires can also be nominated by department chairmen and other umpires to officiate the national tournament.

Just like every amature baseball league, if you want to become an umpire for that league, it is recommended that you attend a local umpire clinic. American Legion posts will often host their own umpire camps and clinics, so contact your local American Legion post for information.

Another component to becoming an American Legion umpire is a certification exam. The test covers the rules of American Legion baseball and is administered by the Legion umpiring committee.

Most American Legion leagues have some type of evaluation process that continues after umpires begin umpiring games to maintain high umpiring standards. It usually covers things like timing of calls, how the umpire handles coaches and players, and their strike zone accuracy.

The cost of becoming an American Legion umpire is very low but it varies by post so contact your local post for more information. The best place to get starting as an American Legion umpire is to visit their great site and read their published umpire manual.

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