Umpire Chest Protectors

Umpire chest protectors are the most important piece of umpire equipment because of the part of the body it protects, including your heart. Experienced umpires will tell you to buy hard shell protectors because of the level of protection they provide. The trade-off is that they are usually harder to move around in. There are comfortable hard shell chest protectors but they will cost you a little more.

Diamond iX3 Deluxe Umpire’s Chest Protector
The Diamond Sports® DCP-IX3 umpire’s chest protector is lightweight and breathes well. Built with a combination of plastic and foam, it will provide you with great protection and reasonable comfort for a reasonable price.


Wilson Pro Gold Umpire’s Chest Protector
A hard plastic umpire chest protector designed for superior protection. Some people complain that is can be a little bulky but that’s a trade-off to consider when deciding on body protection.


Wilson Pro Platinum Umpire Chest Protector
The Wilson® Pro Platinum Chest Protector is a top of the line chest protector. Under the hard shell is a padded fabric backing to keep it very comfortable. It strikes a great balance of protection and comfort but you get what you pay for.