Umpire Gear

While buying your safety gear can be a lot of fun, it can also be very expensive and it’s tempting to buy cheaper equipment. Our recommendation is to consider how many hours a day you’ll be wearing your safety gear and how agile you need to be in your equipment and to consider the value of your own comfort. Typically, the more comfortable gear is going to cost a little more but we think it’s worth the price.

Umpire Shoes >

Information and reviews for some of the more popular umpire shoes including plate shoes (for working behind the plate) that have additional toe protection.

Umpire Chest Protectors >

Do you want a hard shell or soft shell chest protector? Learn about different umpire chest protectors.

Umpire Masks >

Face masks can be inexpensive but umpire helmets are becoming very popular and can’t be topped when it comes to protection.


Here are some more umpire attire necessities.