Umpire IQ – The App

Recently we got our hands on the ABUA sponsored tablet app for iPad and Android. Since many of our readers are looking to improve their baseball rule knowledge, we thought you all would like to read a quick review of the application so you can decide if it’s worth the price.

Simply put the Umpire IQ app is an interactive quiz that aims to test and teach you the rules of baseball. It is officially sponsored by the ABUA (American Baseball Umpires Association) and Jim Evans. The app have a number of categories like “batter interference” and “improper batting order” but they do charge you $0.99 for each so if you do get really into the app it can get a little expensive – but maybe it may be worth the price for the serious fan and/or umpire. We must admit that he game/app/quiz is a lot of fun.

Umpire IQ App Screen Shot

Google Play / Android – download >>

iTunes / iPad – download >>