Umpire Masks

When shopping for an umpire mask you want to consider comfort, protection, and price. You can buy cheap umpire face masks that will provide adequate face protection and reasonable comfort but if you’re concerned about protecting you entire head and not just your face, then consider buying an umpire helmet. Umpire helmets look a little like hockey goalie masks and many baseball catchers and umpires now opt for them because of the additional protection and improved visibility. When there is a close play, you don’t have to take off a helmet because the visibility is so great.

Rawlings PWMX Face Mask (Black)
This Rawlings umpire face mask is a great entry level mask. It’s a durable umpire mask with no frills, vinyl coated pads, and a great price point.


Wilson Dyna-Lite Umpire and Catcher’s Face Mask
The Wilson Dyna-Lite Umpire’s Face Mask is is a high quality mask with slightly wider ear bars for extra protection. It also comes with soft synthetic padding that make it a ver comfortable mask.


Wilson Shock Fx 2.0 Titanium Umpire’s Helmet
This Wilson umpire helmet provides the ultimate head protection for umpires. It is designed to reduce vibrations caused by impacts and with it’s comfortable leather interior it is a joy to wear. You’ll feel safe with this mask on.