Umpire Pants

When you’re shopping for umpire pants, you want to make sure you get a pair that have an expanded waistband and that are made of polyester so that pants manage moisture well and provide a high level of comfort while you’re on the field. You may also want to consider buying under shorts that can help keep you cool and comfortable and that can also provide an extra layer of protection.

Adams USA Smitty Expanded Waist Pleated Baseball Umpire Combo Pants
Pleated Umpire combo pants by Smitty are made of a high quality polyester material that is shrink and wrinkle resistant and have an expanded waistband. These are great pants come in dark charcoal or lighter heather grey or that relieve great reviews.


Umpire Under Short with Hexpad Thigh Pads
Umpire under shorts designed for protection at the hips, tailbone and thighs providing. The shorts also provide support for large leg muscles. It is lightweight, flexible and breathable.


Umpire/Officials 1 1/2″ Adult Black Leather Belt
1 and 1/2 inch Umpire belt in black. This is a very standard officials belt – what more do you need?